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15:36 01 Dec 21

Aft... er spending a week trying to get my Apollo explore electric scooter fixed, I went to 4 different places including Halford to sort out a punctured back tyre and nobody could do it apparently it’s a tricky scooter to work on… anyway today walked into onboards after a recommendation and got it repaired within 1.5hrs. Great job, great service, friendly staff and fair price. This will definitely the place that I will return to in the future 10/10read more

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15:55 17 Nov 21

Had... a wonderful time as onboard store, as soon as I entered I was greeted with respect and my issues was dealt with immediately, all stuff was polite and helpful. I highly recommend their serviceread more

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Tjay_st St

11:52 17 Nov 21

Fun... ny fact is I haven’t been there my self but know multiple people that and they have told me that onBoard store is a very good shopread more

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jhiduhg jhishius

06:48 17 Nov 21

Gre... at shop very great service and lovely atmosphere. They sorted out my scooter for me. Will recommend this shop for everyone that has a scooter or wants to buy a scooterread more

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Zino Tash

16:45 16 Nov 21

Had... a good experience purchasing the Neo10 scooter. Staff were pleasant and professional, which left me feeling very satisfied. Looking forward to using my new Neo10read more

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edwin 150dc

12:43 16 Nov 21

I ... took my scooter to Onboards as it’s the only shop tI know that do services on electric bike and scooters in south so I took it there to get my back puncture fixed Their stuff it’s very professional and very helpful they helped me with everything even they advice me about how to keep my scooter up today I have my scooter back in less than 4O min which it’s amazing I will highly recommend this shop they’re very professionalread more

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Guess Who

11:43 15 Nov 21

Wor... st place to repair your scooter never take your scooter here. Gave me back my scooter worse than I brought it in not even fit to ride as they left my air valve pushed in. Quoted me £30 for 2 tyres to be changed on my Kaabo mantis 8. Brought my scooter in on a Saturday they told me it would be ready for Monday. Tuesday came and still no call from them took it upon myself to call up and see how the repair was going and I was shocked to hear they changed the price from £30 to £90 which I then withdrew from and told them I would not like the repair anymore as I don’t have that kind of money I was then told “look at the scooter you have I’m pretty sure you do” after that I went back and forth with them and was forced to pay £15 for labour. Overall horrible customer service from the lady at the desk, poorly skilled mechanics. Never bring your scooter here if it has tubeless tyres they are not specialised in that department yet they still took my scooter in lol. I will now have to pay more money for not only my puncture repairs but also now a broken valve on my front tyre. I recommend sticking with your manufacturer e.g mine is Kaabo uk where I’ve had all my previous repairs and had no problems. Thanks for nothing on boards.Also my back tyre is leaking air which it wasn’t doing before can’t even be asked to list all the problems I got from this place AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!! Don’t waste your time and energy.First picture is how they gave back my scooter with the broken, pushed in valve and second is how it should more

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Jamil Jama

18:44 14 Nov 21

Ter... rible E bike! The breaks gave me nothing but problems. The tyres pop easily, It happened twice. The material is very cheap. I think they get their bikes from china for cheap and sell it overpriced here. But attitude from the owner and some of his staff, Maybe they have Issues with certain races. The lights broke, the battery broke and only lasts for 2 hours. The breaks broke. The tyre became flat twice. I always had to get the bike repaired and there was always other people getting their bikes or scooters repaired as well. Which goes to show that other people were having problems with their bikes and scooters as well. I would advise everyone to avoid this place like the plague. You can get much betterE bikes for much cheaper on more

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16:12 28 Oct 21

I... and my son visited the place to repair it's scooter.They are lovely staffs, helpful ,friendly.I will visit again next time.They sales bikes and scooters too.Pictures more

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Paul Bernat

17:02 08 Oct 21

The... guys are really kind and helpful, definetly would recommend.Also would recommend the Fat Wheels if you are looking for a powerful and comfortable ebike ⚡read more

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Berit Vain

08:29 04 Oct 21

Pur... chase went more or less well, some delay. Good bikes also if treated well. However, ~10months later I went in for service: a punctured front tire and a general yearly check up, specifically to check breaks ahead of the winter season when roads get more slippery in the traffic. Long story short, 0 effort once the product is sold, the staff do no care too much about service of the bike. I'm not going to write the whole long story hear mainly because I don't have the energy to relive the emotions, but essentially, customer service stuff is negligent, unprofessional and just seems they don't care too much. My breaks still seem to not have been paid any attention to and since then I've had some semi-serious situations in the traffic already as the roads in the morning are more slippery now. Currently looking if I can find a different escooter shop to go to. If not, I'm afraid I have to more

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David Ruddell

20:17 03 Oct 21

I... researched my Ebike purchase for about a month, contemplated getting various manufacturers models only to find issues either with supply, specs, or reviews.Google searched Fat Tyre Ebikes and there on the list was OnBoardsGreat Selection of Bikes and Specs on each model.A proper walk in shop - No blind buying.Great prices, good value compared with other dealers.Knowledable in house mechanics (Great to see them working in the showroom!)Practical, helpful and informed sales staff.Love my Fat Wheels One and the fact that if I have questions or queries I have a real retailer with a proper shop not just a web address.Highly Recommendedread more

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Cleon Brown

12:22 09 Sep 21

I... went to the shop and the workers were very kind and attentive, they checked me in fast and as an owner of an onboards electric vehicle the service on my scooter was quick. I highly recommend going to this shop for your repairs and the products are all top more

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Kim Taylor

13:38 24 Aug 21

The... se guys are AMAZING. My ebike had a faulty connection - I tried several other places before I was directed here …. YAY …. Quick, friendly, efficient service. RESULT ✅read more

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Paul Nash

23:00 22 Jun 21

The... guys at Onboards are awesome to deal with, collected my Fat Wheel II Orange today. They have kept me informed from day one with emails and calls, on collection I can't praise them enough for their customer service. Thank you so much and I will definitely recommend you to friends and more

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John Lorimer

12:25 12 Jun 21

Fan... tastically efficient seller - Alejandro kept me in contact at every stage even informing me before the e bike shipped. Amazingly from order to delivery in Scotland took 2 days. Very impressed with the seller and the product. The fat bike is so much fun and arrived ready to use, I will be recommending Onboards to everyone thinking about purchasing an e bike - these guys make the shopping experience second to none - if you’re considering buying an e bike- use these guys you won’t regret more

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Giulia Londei

09:43 11 Mar 21

GRE... AT PRODUCT, EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE!PERFECT IF YOU HAVE NO SPACE.I bought the OnBoard X8 back in September 2020 to use every day for my commute (a total of 12miles) and it changed my life!I haven't rated it straight away because I wanted to test product & service long term: now they truly deserve a great review!The scooter is sturdy and reliable, equipped with back & front lights.You have the possibility to try it, which is great.The battery lasts long and (if I charge it when at work) I can enjoy maximum speed (~29 Km/h) for the whole of my 12 mile commute. If not charged in between, it still 100% brings me back home, just on slightly lower speed for the last part of the journey back. Basically it never leaves you on your feet.It takes very little to less than 2 hours to recharge and the energy consumption is almost nothing. The charger tells you when fully charged and the display shows the remaining charge when riding (with a sound alarm when the battery is low) - both very useful features.It's perfect for me as I have little storage space: I remove the battery and bring it home upstairs, while folding the scooter to remain in the basement.Last but not least it's worth to mention the most reliable service you can find: if you have any sorts of issues just call them or pop by their shiny brand new shop in Elephant & Castle: they'll take care of you (with a big smile).I strongly recommend this product: it's a reliable and green solution that saves you so much time and money... and it's great fun!read more

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Mounir Hazgui

18:33 04 Jun 20

(Gr... eat service and good products) this is what i have been asked to write before i actually did ride my scooter first time. NOW, i have realised this is the worst purchase i have made in the past 20 years. You will experience lots of issues from battery to wheels... DO NOT BUY ! GO TO A TRUSTED more

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kadir a

14:32 04 Jun 20

Ama... zing customer service, very friendly guy. I came to get a mini runner and I was given a test drive and full instructions on how to use. Highly recommended :)read more

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Amanda Teoh

22:30 29 May 20

Thi... s is my first scooter. I bought the X8. I travel from Hertfordshire to his showroom in East London. Alexander took an hour to explain and show me how to ride the scooter. He thoroughly ask me what I need and recommended what's to my requirements. His customer service is second to none.I will certainly not hesitate to recommend anyone to him. I wish him all the best and may his business continue to flourish. I hope one day he will open a branch in North more

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Mihaela Mirodoni

08:22 19 May 20

I... just bought a UFO scooter from OnBoards. I totally enjoy my beautiful scooter, never thought l will love riding it so much. Totally recommended. The team shop is very nice and helpful especially because they are aloud you to test the scooter before buying. I wanted initially to buy an expensive one but because the boy from shop didn't seen me very confident on it he was happy to recommend me a much cheaper one just to make sure l will be happy and safe on road. That's a rare gesture. Really happy.Thank you so much Alehandro! 😊read more

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Nick Lansman

08:30 18 May 20

I... recommend OnBoards. Alejandro is very knowledgeable and provides excellent customer service. I had a small issue with my Blade runner..but it was sorted using advice over whatsapp and videos. Thank you!read more

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Lindon Cooper

03:56 12 May 20

I’l... l be completely honest here writing this review as I’ve had to set up a Gmail account on the sole basis to write this review. The last couple of weeks I’ve been riding a friend’s scooter (he has the M365 pro however I did purchase the M365 standard for the record). I’ve had so much fun with it and can see even as a car owner how it could still benefit me for short journeys to work or the shops let alone the pleasure riding it. I came across Onboard via Google, at the time the only place advising they has stock as I’m a person to buy / take home on the day and not wait around. I called and arranged to view Etc. I knew what I was buying and wanted prior so I didn’t need to ask questions regarding the unit. I’ll be honest and say at first I was a little skeptical when I arrived as I was presuming I was going to a shop not a residential block to purchase. I didn’t catch the guys name who met me which looking at other reviews it appears the same person. He took me on a little trip round the block with the scooter and he was an absolute delight to deal with knowing straight away it was a fully legitimate `business at home` and not something I was skeptical about. I received a full receipt via email before I left and felt very happy with the transaction. At present and reviewing this on the same day of purchase then I’m fully satisfied and highly recommend to anyone.Thanks Lindonread more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (24)

Chris Wiles

14:16 01 May 20

Rea... lly amazing service. Helpful before we got there with any questions I had via whatsapp. Came out and met me, asked questions which was beneficial to me. Showed me the X7 scooter. Let me have a test ride without any problems. Showed me how to use it. Patience of a saint. Great customer service better than any shop. Defo recommend:)read more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (25)

Oliver Newell

05:38 29 Apr 20

I... bought the Xiaomi pro here, service was great. Very easy. Would definitely more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (26)

Michael Curley

14:05 17 Apr 20

I... purchased the Fat wheels 11 electric bike and wanted to try it out for a while before writing this review.I can honestly say...I am delighted with it!!!I bought this bike to go to work and back, it will handle quite a long journey no problem.Just what I needed!!Thanks more

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Natalie Rumble

12:36 09 Apr 20

Ale... jandro was a very pleasant young man, who was ready to answer any questions or doubts I may have had about the electric scooters. He was very knowledgeable about the different types and going one step further by giving his honest opinion about the best buy for my usage. The test drive itself was fun and informative as well as hard to come by! Great experience and I'd recommend onboards before purchasing a scooter anywhere more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (28)

Abby Edem

14:27 07 Apr 20

Ama... zing customer service, I was very indecisive on purchasing however he made me feel very comfortable and allowed me to test out both scooters before I purchased. Very genuine person with a good heart. Do not be afraid to purchase he will look after you. Recommended sellerread more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (29)

Mouhamadou Mbaye

22:49 23 Feb 20

Whe... n I went there they assisted me they were very nice and helpful I was very impressed my experience there was incredible there was this guy big thanks to Nachito I really enjoyed it there I really liked it there I was very pleased with the quality of the electric bike and the price was a steal everybody is asking me where I got it because they've never seen this around more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (30)

Jason Imison

00:22 12 Feb 20

I... bought the fat tyre bike via eBay. Absolutely amazing bike for the money. I was especially interested in this bike as it has a 500W 48V 15Ah battery. It doesn't do 30mph with me on it, but I weigh 18 stone and I still can easily get 24mph with throttle only which is plenty fast enough. I can go faster if I pedal hard in gear 7.It is pretty heavy, so bear that in mind, but it easily folds up so that I can put it in the back of the car and it has a wide comfortable jelly saddle and front suspension.The seller has been very communicative with me throughout the sale and cannot fault the service that I received.Good chance that I will buy a second bike to match!read more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (31)

Elaine Warner-Dow

20:43 08 Feb 20

I... wanted to buy an Electric Scooter for my husbands birthday. I came across this website on a Google search. So glad that I found this place. I was able to go outside and test one of the scooters. There are a variety to choose from. I purchased the X7 which is a very strong scooter. The battery can be charged separately. Friendly and helpful more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (32)

Bramm Baiden

17:52 08 Feb 20

Gre... at scooters and bikes, makes you try before buying and great costumer service. And I would recommend for everyone buying. I bought the X7 model with the interchangeable battery. Everything works great and very durable. Been using for couple of weeks now and still happy. Thank you onboard more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (33)


16:07 08 Feb 20

At... first, i was not sure about this fat wheels bike, but after i made the purchase, this bike exceeded my expectations. I have been riding it around both off-road and on road and it has not let me down. This bike is as good as a rad-bike, if not better. I would love to write more, but i'm off to go and play in the mud with my fat wheels. lol :)read more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (34)

Fernando Rodrigues Pedroso

22:23 16 Jan 20

I... bought a excellent electric bike in the onboards, the fat wheels is a nice bike , and it has o good battery, congratulations for all equip onboards !!!!read more

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Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (35)

Nello Sciacca

15:55 16 Jan 20

I... just buy UFO scooter it’s very fast and easy to drive I recommend everyone 👍👍read more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (36)

Bill Gough

13:18 30 Nov 19

Goo... d friendly service and honest advice, fair price, good quality scooters, ready to go from showroomread more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (37)

Kevin Kim

14:43 08 Nov 19

The... reviews really speak for itself. If you're looking to get an e-scooter, this has to be the best place to get it. They definitely sell the most quality scooters in London at the best price. On top of that, the owner regularly updates his collection with the latest scooters in the world market today. Very friendly guy too - I would highly more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (38)

Jan Hruškovský

12:26 08 Nov 19

I... purchased the scooter X7 just becouse of traveling to work reason but I found it so entertaining that it became my great hobby. The owner offered me a test drive and answered all my questions so I can highly recommend everyone to visit this shop. Absolutely fantastic.After 4 months using my scooter suddenly stopped working so I came back to the shop and the owner without any questions fixed it within 2 days. Very nice attitude to customers and very good service. Thank you so more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (39)

L-O the producer

18:01 17 Sep 19

tod... ay 17/Sep/2019 I visited OnBoards, as I was really interested to get an electric Scooter after days of researches. Today I came across with OnBoards and am glad I did, am so happy with the X7 Electric Scooter I bought. Prices are good, the sales person very friendly and kind. I will Definitely recommend OnBoards!!!read more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (40)

Phil Chapman

18:08 03 Sep 19

Goo... d range of scooters and some sexy ebikes in stock. Very friendly and helpful when selling. Great product knowledge and advice. The chance to try a couple of scooters was particularly useful to me as a beginner. Sadly harder to reach or deal with if there is a problem with the more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (41)

Korerra Korerra

21:17 19 Aug 19

I... went to have a look at the collection of scooters at OnBoards. First, he took me outside to give me a test run of the scooters which I was interested in. Then he gave his honest opinion on what is good and bad, and explained thoroughly why. He offered me a very nice tea and was super easy to talk to.I made sure that I did my homework before going there and I can confidently say that he was offering the scooters at their best price. I bought the X-7 Scooter there and he assembled it perfectly and gave me some good advice.For sure, I would recommend this place to anyone looking to get some amazing e-scooters.I hope that one day he expands enough for me to offer my company's incredible SEO services so that everyone in London can find this more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (42)

Sophie Jordan

09:05 10 Aug 19

Gre... at service, fantastic range of scooters to suit all needs. Competitive price and really good after sales service. My scooter needed a maintenance repair which was done very quickly and at a convenient time for more

Bike Accesories Archives - Page 2 of 3 - (43)

Natasha Ricketts

18:55 26 Jun 19

Wen... t to have a look at the scooters and I ended up having a test drive, which led on to me buying one. Such a lovely person and a smooth sale. I wasn’t rushed into anything and was made to feel at ease. As for the scooters excellent range to show me, and quality is fantastic, I would most definitely recommend but be careful as u might leave with a scooter 😂read more

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