Does Home Depot Rekey Locks? (Everything To Know) (2023)

Does Home Depot Rekey Locks? (Everything To Know) (1)

Home Depot is sort of a go-to store for all of your home improvement needs.

Chances are, if you are going to tackle some kind of home improvement project, you are going to need to make a run to Home Depot.

One of the things that people often have questions about is the services that Home Depot offers when it comes to locks.

Whatever services you need regarding your locks and keys, we have the answers as to whether or not Home Depot can perform this service for you.

Does Home Depot Rekey Locks?

Does Home Depot Rekey Locks? (Everything To Know) (2)

Some Home Depot locations will rekey locks.

Prior to heading to the store, make sure to give them a call to see if they have a person on staff who can rekey a lock for you.

There are a few reasons you may need a lock rekeyed.

Let’s say you want to purchase a new lock but want to keep your original key; this is a reason for a rekey.

Another reason would be that you are changing the locks on your front door, but you don’t want to change all of the hardware.

You simply want to keep the door but have a different key be capable of unlocking the door.

Most Home Depots will offer this service, especially if you are making a purchase at the store.

The Home Depot will have to have the proper equipment in place, and the proper staff, and that is why we recommend calling before heading over to the store.

The good news is, if your Home Depot does not rekey locks, there are other options in the community.

Does Lowe’s Rekey Locks?

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(Video) Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks? | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

Lowe’s and Home Depot tend to go hand in hand.

If one store offers a service, the other likely does as well.

This is because these two stores continue to compete against each other to be the best home improvement store in America.

Regardless of which of these stores you like better, Lowe’s usually offers the same rekey services that Home Depot does.

If you purchase the lock from the store, they tend to charge a very minimal fee to have this done.

If you are coming in and just need to have a lock rekeyed, then chances are you may have to pay a little more money.

Both stores are going to try to offer services to help those who are supporting the store.

You can expect that to play into the price of this process.

In the past, customers have said that, unless you can prove that you bought the lock from Lowe’s, they won’t be able to rekey it for you.

Certainly, we can understand why they would not want to take the risk on a lock that was not once part of their inventory.

Why Do I Need to Rekey Locks?

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One of the biggest industries in which you will see locks being rekeyed is in the real estate business.

Very often, people have a property that is used as a rental.

The rental is probably going to change tenants quite often.

When a new tenant comes in, they will want to know for sure that the old tenant is not going to drop by unannounced.

The best way to ensure that this does not happen is to change the locks.

(Video) How to use Smart Key Rekey EASY!

However, changing the locks does not always have to mean completely changing all of the hardware.

If you want to simply be able to unlock the door with a new key, you can rekey the locks.

This process is normally done by a locksmith, and it is cheaper than putting in entirely new door hardware.

If you are not all that handy, having a lock rekeyed is going to be a much easier process than trying to install an entirely new fixture on the door.

Another reason you may want to have your lock rekeyed is that you are tired of having more than one key.

For instance, you may find that you have different keys for your back door, your front door, and your garage door.

It can get a bit annoying to try and remember which key is for which door, and it can lead to you locking yourself out at some point.

Having the same key for all of your doors is a nice luxury that is worth looking into.

The process does not have to be as difficult as buying all new hardware for the doors.

Simply take the lock and the keys to a local locksmith, and they will be able to make it so that all of your locks will be able to be unlocked with the same key.

The price is usually around $5 to $15 per lock, depending on where you are located.

If you have just purchased a new home and want to make sure that you are the only one with access, this is a great way to make sure it gets done.

Can I Rekey a Lock on My Own?

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If you are a person who has to rekey a lock often, you may want to look into a kit that can help you do it yourself.

For instance, those who are in the real estate or rental business could need to be rekeying locks every few weeks.

This is frustrating and time-consuming.

(Video) Locksmithing and Home Depot's version of a re-key job!

The better method is going to be to spend a bit of money on a kit that allows you to rekey your own locks.

The kits will vary in price, but you can expect to spend somewhere around $100.

With this kit, you will never have to pay to have a lock rekeyed again.

You will have everything that you need to rekey a lock from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, the price of the kit is not going to be justified if you simply need to rekey one lock.

If this is the case, you should certainly go to a local locksmith and have them do it for you.

The price you will pay for their services will be less than the price of the kit to start doing these on your own.

Is a Locksmith a Better Choice to Rekey a Lock than Home Depot?

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Some people who had a lock rekeyed at Home Depot said that they had some trouble with the key’s functionality after the fact.

You have to think about the fact that a locksmith works solely with locks and keys all day.

They do not have to worry about working with electricity and appliances, and even lumber.

Home Depot, on the other hand, has a little bit of everything, and they certainly don’t specialize in locks and keys.

However, if you simply need a key copied or an occasional rekey, Home Depot is generally a good choice.

When you are worried about accuracy and perfection in the rekey of your lock, then the locksmith would be the better choice.

People often have a misunderstanding about a locksmith and the price of their services.

Typically speaking, a locksmith can be quite expensive when they are called out to a house for an emergency service.

(Video) Changing Locks on a New Home | Open House | Ask This Old House

This is when somebody who was locked out and needed a locksmith to help them get into the home will pay premium fees.

However, if you go into the locksmith shop, their services are quite fairly priced.

Remember that having to come out to a location to fix a lock requires much more time and travel expenses as well.

How Many Times Can You Rekey a Lock?

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If you own a rental property, you have probably had to rekey your locks several times.

Don’t be worried about having to do this.

The lock should be able to handle an unlimited number of rekeys.

You will find that rekeying the lock should have no effect on its overall performance.

There is something to be said about purchasing a lockset that is of a better-quality brand.

These better-quality locks tend to have an easier time with the rekey process and just hold up better over time.

A locksmith can help to advise you on some of the best brands to consider if you know that you will have to rekey them often.

The brands Kwikset and Schlage tend to stand out as the best overall options.


If you are a DIY home person, you know that Home Depot offers quite a few goods and services.

The locksmith services that they offer are going to vary from one store to another.

Almost all Home Depots will be able to copy a key for you, but not all have the capabilities to rekey a lock.

Think about how often you will need to rekey your lock and then decide whether or not you will need your own kit or simply pay to have someone do this for you.

(Video) How to Rekey a Doorknob Lock - Money Saving DIY

Overall, the process of rekeying a lock should not take more than a few minutes.

In the end, it’s a great way to save both time and money.


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