What does the lying down bicycle exercise do? (2023)

When it comes to physical fitness, most of us think of hitting the gym, doing weight lifting or performing high-intensity workouts. Many of us forget the importance of low impact exercises that can truly help improve our overall health and wellness. One such exercise is the lying down bicycle exercise, a low impact exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime, and with no special equipment required. In this blog post, we’ll be diving into what the lying down bicycle exercise is, how it’s done, and the many benefits it offers.

What is Lying Down Bicycle Exercise?

The lying down bicycle exercise, sometimes called a reclined bicycle exercise, is a low-impact exercise that works your lower body, mainly your legs. The exercise is performed while lying on your back, with your legs in the air, and your hands placed behind your head. The movement is similar to that of riding a bicycle, which is why it’s called the lying down bicycle exercise.

How to Do Lying Down Bicycle Exercise?

The lying down bicycle exercise is easy to perform. To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Lie down on your back with your legs in the air. Your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Place your hands behind your head, with your elbows out to the sides.
  3. Begin to pedal your legs, just like you are riding a bicycle.
  4. As you pedal, make sure to keep your core engaged, and your lower back pressed into the floor.
  5. Keep pedaling for 15-20 repetitions on each side, or for a set amount of time, depending on your fitness level.

Benefits of Lying Down Bicycle Exercise

The lying down bicycle exercise is an excellent low impact exercise that offers numerous health and fitness benefits. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from this exercise:

1. Aids in Weight Loss

The lying down bicycle exercise is a great way to burn calories and aid in weight loss. If done regularly, this exercise can help you shed those extra pounds, especially when combined with a healthy diet.

2. Enhances Cardiovascular Health

The lying down bicycle exercise is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that can help improve your heart health. As you pedal, your heart rate increases, which helps to improve blood circulation throughout your body. Improved cardiovascular health leads to a stronger heart, lower blood pressure, and a reduced risk of heart disease.

3. Tones Leg Muscles

The lying down bicycle exercise primarily targets your leg muscles, including your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. By pedaling your legs, you’re engaging all of these muscles, which helps tone and strengthen them.

4. Improves Balance and Coordination

The lying down bicycle exercise helps improve your balance and coordination, as it involves a continuous and steady movement of the legs. With regular practice, you’ll notice improved balance and coordination, which can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

5. Low-risk for Joint Injuries

Unlike high-intensity workouts or weight lifting, the lying down bicycle exercise is low-impact, which means it poses little risk of joint injuries. This makes it an excellent exercise for individuals with joint problems or injuries.

6. Good for Posture

The lying down bicycle exercise can also help improve your posture by engaging your core muscles. When your core muscles are strong, you naturally stand taller with your shoulders back, which helps improve your overall posture.


In summary, the lying down bicycle exercise is an excellent low impact exercise that offers numerous health and fitness benefits. It’s easy to perform, and you can do it anywhere, anytime. By incorporating this exercise into your fitness routine, you can improve your cardiovascular health, tone your leg muscles, improve your balance and coordination, and much more.


Does lying down cycling help lose weight?

Lying down cycling, also known as recumbent cycling, refers to a form of exercise in which you pedal a stationary bike while lying on your back. The question often arises whether this form of exercise is effective for weight loss.

Firstly, to lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit, which means burning more calories than you consume. In this regard, lying down cycling can indeed help you lose weight if done consistently and combined with a healthy diet.

Compared to traditional upright cycling, recumbent cycling provides a lower intensity workout. It may not burn as many calories per session, but it has several benefits that can aid in weight loss. For example, it is easier on the joints, making it an excellent option for people with joint pain or limited mobility. It also strengthens and benefits the core muscles and improves endurance levels, which can help you perform other forms of exercise more effectively.

Moreover, lying down cycling can provide cardiovascular benefits. It improves blood flow, which helps to increase oxygen delivery to the muscles, thus improving the overall health of your heart and lungs. Additionally, it can help to reduce stress levels, which can lead to overeating or poor food choices.

However, it is important to remember that no single exercise is a magic solution for weight loss. To achieve sustained weight loss, it is essential to create a comprehensive workout plan that includes different forms of exercise, such as strength training and high-intensity cardio, along with a healthy diet.

Lying down cycling can definitely be a helpful addition to a weight loss program. It provides a low-impact workout that can improve cardiovascular health and strengthen the core muscles. However, it should be combined with other forms of exercise and a healthy diet for sustained weight loss success.

Can air cycling reduce belly fat?

Belly fat is a common problem that many people experience, and it can be quite challenging to get rid of. However, there are various exercises that one can perform to reduce belly fat, and air cycling is one of them.

Air cycling, also known as bicycle crunches, is a form of exercise where you lie flat on your back with your hands by your side. Next, you lift your legs up, bend your knees and move them in a cycling motion as though you are riding a bicycle. Alternatively, you can also perform the exercise in a seated position, which is known as chair cycling.

Cycling, whether on an actual bicycle or while performing air cycling, is considered an excellent cardiovascular workout that can help one shed weight and reduce belly fat. By engaging your core muscles continuously, you’ll be burning calories and building muscle, in turn, helping to reduce fat deposits in the belly region. In fact, air cycling specifically targets the rectus abdominis, the central muscle that runs above the pubic bone and up to the sternum, making it an ideal exercise for those looking to reduce belly fat.

Air cycling, when combined with a healthy diet, can prove to be an effective way of reducing your belly fat. However, it’s worth noting that spot reducing fat in a particular area is not possible, and a combination of cardio and strength training is necessary to achieve an overall reduction in body fat. The key is to maintain a consistent workout routine while eating a healthy and balanced diet to maximize the results of the air cycling workout.

Air cycling can be a useful exercise to help reduce belly fat. By engaging several core muscles at once, this form of cycling can contribute to weight loss and overall fat reduction, especially in the belly region. Alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, air cycling can be an effective way to improve your overall fitness and reduce belly fat.

Do bicycle crunches burn belly fat?

Bicycle crunches are exercises that involve lying flat on your back, lifting your legs off the ground and cycling them as if you were riding a bicycle. As you cycle your legs, you should also bring your elbows to touch the opposite knee. These exercises have gained popularity as an effective way to target the abdominal muscles and get rid of belly fat.

While it is true that bicycle crunches target the abdominal muscles, they do not directly burn belly fat. Burning belly fat requires creating a calorie deficit, either by consuming fewer calories or by burning more calories than you consume through exercise. No single exercise alone can burn fat in a specific area of the body. Rather, it is a combination of a healthy diet and a balanced exercise routine that will lead to weight loss and reduce belly fat.

However, bicycle crunches are an effective way to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, which can contribute to a more defined midsection as you lose weight. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, incorporating bicycle crunches into your fitness regimen can help you achieve your weight loss goals and create a stronger, leaner physique.

While bicycle crunches do not directly burn belly fat, they are an effective exercise for targeting the abdominal muscles and improving core strength. To reduce belly fat, it is important to create a calorie deficit through a combination of diet and exercise. Incorporating bicycle crunches into your exercise routine can help you achieve a stronger, more defined midsection as you work towards your weight loss goals.


Does cycling help to lose belly fat? ›

Belly fat has also been linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and diabetes. So, you might be wondering: Does cycling burn belly fat? The short answer: yes. And you already own the best tool for shedding that unhealthy midsection fat: your bike.

What part of the body does the bicycle work? ›

Cycling improves overall function in your lower body and strengthens your leg muscles without overstressing your joints. It targets your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

Does lying down cycling help lose weight? ›

Off-bike exercise: You can incorporate different off-bike exercises that may aid in weight loss, such as lying down bicycle, planks, yoga, and Zumba. This will strengthen and benefit your core exercise (cycling). This will also improve your endurance level and strength.

Does pedaling backwards on stationary bike help? ›

If you're a cyclist, it also helps to hop on a stationary bike and pedal backwards for a while, which works out the quadriceps muscles more than going forwards. Because most cyclists plateau from cycling forwards, taking it backwards burns more calories and activates different muscles.


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