Where can you leave lime bikes? – Bike fantastic (2023)

If you’re in a Lime-friendly city, you can leave your Lime bike wherever you’d like! In most cases, it’s best to park near a public rack so other riders can easily find it. Make sure to check the parking guidelines in your app before you end your ride.

Lime bikes can be left at any public bike rack.

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Where can Lime bikes be left?

It is very important to properly end your ride via the app and receive confirmation. If you have any issues ending your ride, please use the in-app help or reach out to customer service. Improperly ending your ride may result in fees.

Always park the scooter in a designated parking spot. In select cities, parking pins in the app will guide you to these spots. Parking in a non-designated spot may result in fees.

The rental costs an initial £1 to unlock the bike, plus 15p for each minute it’s in your possession. You can end your ride and park the bike practically anywhere in public, and the hire ends as soon as you lock the rear wheel.

Can I keep a Lime scooter overnight

If you’re looking for a Bird or Lime scooter after 9 pm, you may have trouble finding one. This is because all scooters with non-low batteries become “harvestable” at this time, meaning that they are eligible for chargers to pick up. Since this is a lucrative business, many scooters are picked up quickly.

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Thank you for choosing LimeBike! To lock your bike, simply push down on the locking arm connected to the rear wheel. After completing your ride, the app will provide you with a trip summary.

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Can you drop Lime off anywhere?

There are two types of Drop-Off Locations in the game:

Limehub: [Grey Balloon with Numbers in it] Used to drop off Charge tasks (Green tasks) and Move Tasks (Orange tasks)

Limebase: [Red House Icon] Retrieval tasks (Red tasks)

It’s not the end of the world if you leave your bike outside for a day or two – it won’t suffer major damage. However, you may start to see signs of rust after a week of neglect. And after one month in bad conditions, your beloved bike parts will start to degrade.Where can you leave lime bikes? – Bike fantastic (1)

What happens if you dont park Lime scooter?

Lime has different designations for areas outside of the service area. You can see what type of zone it is by tapping on it in your Lime app. No parking – you can end a ride there, but you may get fined by Lime if you do.

Lime is a scooter sharing company that uses GPS tracking to locate each scooter and verify that it is where it is supposed to be. This helps to prevent scooter theft and vandalism. Lime can also use GPS monitoring to help riders find their scooter if they lose it.

How much is a Lime bike fine

If you ride a bike without the correct licence, you could get a fine of up to £100 and three to six penalty points. This is a serious offence and you could be banned from riding if you keep doing it. Make sure you get the correct licence before you ride!

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The more chargers you have, the more money you can make. On average, people that charge 10 scooters per night make anywhere from $50 to $100 each night. Keep in mind, most people only get 3 chargers per night, so that could be as little as $10-15 a night.

How fast do Lime scooters go mph?

Lime is launching a new electric moped, called the Lime Citra. The moped has a maximum speed of 20 mph and is designed for city streets. The launch of the new moped comes as Lime looks to expand its fleet of electric vehicles. The company currently offers electric bikes, scooters, and cars in various cities around the world.

Electric scooters are powered by a motor and battery, so they can go uphill just like any other vehicle with a motor. However, electric scooters may have a harder time going up a steep hill because of their smaller size and lighter weight.

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Do you have to lock up lime scooters

If you park your bike in an improper location or don’t lock it securely, you may be fined. always lock your bike to a rack, and if the cable lock is broken, report it to customer support.

It’s important to choose a good location to lock up your electric scooter. The best location on most electric scooters for locking is around the folding mechanism or around the stem. Some scooters have carrying handles or are build with slots specifically made for locking. The Inokim Light 2 has a slot in the center of the folding mechanism that’s perfect for locking it up.

What happens if your phone dies on a Lime scooter?

If your phone dies while you’re on a Bird ride, don’t worry! Your ride will not be automatically ended. However, we recommend that you charge your phone as soon as possible so that you can continue to use the app and stay safe during your ride.

Limes are a great citrus fruit to have on hand. They can last up to a week on the countertop, and up to 2 weeks in a cold pantry. If you refrigerate them, they can last up to a month in good shape.Where can you leave lime bikes? – Bike fantastic (2)

How can I ride my Lime bike for free

To get your free Lime bike/scooter ride, just click the “GET FREEBIE” button on the Lime website, sign up for an account, and in the promo section just type the promo code RMPEF5Y to get your free ride credit. You’ll need to use your credit within 60 days or you’ll lose your free ride, so happy riding everyone!

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To all Lime riders,

Please be reminded to always abide by all traffic laws and to only have one rider per Lime – no passengers. Also, please be sure that you are 18 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license or ID. Thanks for helping us keep our roads safe!

Where should I keep my bike

If you have the option to store your bicycle in your garage, basement, or even an inside room, that is the safest choice. This will help to avoid theft and preserve the condition of the bike.

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If you don’t plan on using your car or bike for an extended period of time, it’s important to take some steps to prevent any maintenance issues. For newer vehicles, this usually isn’t a problem. However, older vehicles may start to experience some issues, especially with the battery. Additionally, if you live in a high-humidity or coastal region, there may be problems with rust and fungus. Taking some preventive measures, such as storing the vehicle in a garage or covered area, can help to avoid these issues.

How long can you leave a bike sitting

However, you should never let your motorcycle sit for longer than a month if it has not been properly stored. After a month of sitting, you can start getting into some big issues we’ve discussed in this article.

If you forget to end your ride on Lime, don’t worry! The scooter will automatically end the ride for you and you will only be charged for the time you were actually using the scooter.

How long can you ride a Lime scooter

Lime scooters are a great way to get around town! They are electric scooters that you can rent by the minute, and they can go up to 15 miles per hour. They are also very affordable, and you can find them near your destination.

It is always a good idea to wear a helmet when using any kind of bike or scooter. Lime requires helmets for all minors, and while helmets and other protective gear can help reduce the risk of injury, they are not a guarantees against personal injury. So please always take care and use caution when riding.

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Do Lime bikes have cameras

Shared micromobility giant Lime is finally bringing on some of its own city-appeasing advanced rider assistance system (ARAS) technology. With the fall deployment of its new Gen 3 e-scooters in San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., the scooter provider will be the first in the U.S. to offer ARAS-equipped vehicles at scale.

Lime’s new Advanced Sidewalk Detection feature is a great way to help scooter riders avoid conflict with pedestrians. The camera sensors and machine learning accurately detect when a rider is using a scooter on a sidewalk, and the scooter will slow down and emit an audible sound to alert the rider. This will help scooter riders be more aware of their surroundings and help prevent accidents.

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Can I track my e scooter if stolen

If you have an Invoxia tracker on your escooter or ebike, you can use the app to track where the device has been if it is stolen. You can then use that information to track down the location of the device and the person who stole it.

This is great news for riders who want to be sure they can get their vehicle of choice and have 10 free minutes to do so! This should help to alleviate any anxiety about a vehicle getting taken by another rider, especially during peak hours.

Do Lime bikes have GPS

The bikes require riders to lock and unlock before starting and ending their trip. As part of its contract with the city, Lime provides data from the GPS trackers on the scooters and e-bikes to help the city understand how, when, and where the vehicles are used.

Ride Zones are specific areas that local governments have designated as places where Lime scooters can be ridden. There may be restrictions on where you can ride, your speed, or the ability to pause or end your ride within these zones. The zones are outlined in red on the map in the Lime app. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Ride Zones before starting your ride.

How much are Lime Scooters for 1 hour

Lime scooters are quite affordable. You only need to pay $100 to unlock the scooter and $015 for every minute driven. This makes them a great option for people who want to save money on transportation.

The only equipment you’ll need to be a Lime Juicer is the scooter chargers Lime used to give these away. But unfortunately, they no longer do that now. These days, you have to purchase individual chargers. In the Lime app, there’s a button that you can click to purchase scooter chargers.

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You can leave lime bikes at any designated bike parking spot.

There are a few places where you can leave lime bikes. You can leave them at a bike rack, on the side of a road, or in a designated bike parking area.


Where should I leave my LimeBike? ›

This means:
  • Find the nearest public bike rack where possible.
  • Park neatly to the side.
  • Leave at least 2 metres of space.
  • Think about whether wheelchair users or pushchairs could get past your parked e-bike.
  • Don't park in car parking spaces.
  • Avoid entrances, exits, and crossings.
  • Tuck both the front and back wheels in neatly.

How do I leave my Lime scooter anywhere? ›

Ending a scooter ride
  1. Park the scooter in a designated parking spot. In select cities, parking pins in the app will guide you to these spots.
  2. Tap Lock on the app and follow the instructions. For vehicles with helmets, ensure that you lock the helmet to the scooter securely.
Feb 8, 2022

Do I have to drop off Lime bikes? ›

Lime dockless bikes must be picked up and dropped off in designated parking bays which can be found on the app.

How do I report an abandoned LimeBike? ›

Go to the Help menu in the app or submit a request to let us know you experienced an issue with the vehicle. We will dispatch our team to retrieve and repair the vehicle.

Where should you leave your bike? ›

Storage Space

The ideal storage solution will depend on your available space: garage, house, apartment or storage shed. Each has different applications, but in general, racks that let you store your bike vertically, wheels perpendicular to the wall, ideally positioned in a corner, take up the least space.

Can you leave a like bike anywhere? ›

You can't leave a Lime bike anywhere, it has to be in a designated parking area or the app won't let you finish the ride.

What happens if your phone dies while riding Lime scooter? ›

The battery of your phone died during your rental? Don't worry, your ride won't be automatically ended and will be continued until you actively terminate your rental in the app. Charge your phone as soon as possible.

How far can you take Lime bikes? ›

Lime scooters have a range of about 30km, depending on use. How fast can scooters go? Lime scooters travel a maximum speed of about 25 km/h but there may be speed limits in place in certain areas.

Where do you lock a Lime scooter? ›

To lock your LimeBike, simply push down on the locking arm connected to the rear wheel to lock the bike. After completing your ride, the app will provide you with a trip summary.

Is LimeBike cheaper than Uber? ›

Lyft costs 15 to 29 cents per minute, Uber costs 15 to 30 cents, Lime costs 15 to 32, and Bird costs 15 to 39.

How much does Lime pay to charge bikes? ›

Both Lime and Bird have similar payment models, in which they pay you a base rate of $3 to $5 for charging and dropping off each scooter.

Do Lime bikes have trackers? ›

Also, the GPS feature allows you to track your lime scooter in real-time and provide you with an anti-theft function. But no matter what your reason is, if you want to remove the GPS tracker on a lime scooter, simply follow the steps below: Go to the 'Me' tab.

Can I keep a bike I found? ›

You may request to keep the bike if we are unable to find an owner. Tell the officer who comes to get the bike that you would like to file a finders claim. Be sure to get a property receipt if you do this. Instructions for filing such a claim are on the back of the receipt.

Who charges the Lime bikes? ›

In some locations, Lime scooters are charged by private contractors who sign up to become "Juicers". The company sends approved Juicers charging equipment, and pays them to charge scooters overnight then place them at designated "LimeHubs" throughout the company's service area in the morning.

Do Lime bikes take cash? ›

Riders may pay through Lime's app using a credit card, debit card or Apple Pay. Or they may pay cash at a PayNearMe location.

Is it OK to leave bike in garage in winter? ›

5. Store the bike outside – Allowing a bike to sit outside, even in a covered area such as a porch or an unheated garage, exposes it to moisture and this will accelerate rust of bolts, handlebars, chain, a steel frame and any steel components.

Is it OK to leave bike in rain? ›

In the short-term rain will not destroy a bike. However, if a bike is left unprotected for long periods, rain can significantly damage a bicycle's chain, cassette and derailleur through rust and corrosion. The good news is, there are a lot of ways to weatherproof all parts of your bike.

Can you ride a lime bike anywhere? ›

That means riders can end journeys wherever they want within the rental zone's boundary. There has been some controversy due to e-scooters and e-bikes being left blocking pavements or other thoroughfares.

Why do lime bikes click? ›

The good thing about the clicking noise of a stolen Lime bike is that it makes you aware when one is coming at speed around the corner. So that is what that sound is!

What is the red light on the lime bike? ›

Ride zones appear as shaded areas outlined in red on the map in the Lime app. These zones may restrict your speed or the ability to end your ride.

Why don t Lime scooters get stolen? ›

One of the major reasons people do not steal electric scooters is due to their built-in GPS tracking systems. Both Bird and Lime scooters come equipped with GPS trackers that allow the companies to monitor the location of each scooter in real-time.

What is the problem with Lime bikes? ›

Global operators Lime has come under fire for the number of bikes blocking pavements and dumped in roads and parks despite measures supposedly in place to prevent it. There have been reports of young people using the tampered bikes to get to school and riding around streets in the evening.

How long does LimeBike battery last? ›

The battery should last 30 miles—a 20 percent improvement—and sits under the rider's feet instead of in the stem, for improved stability. Or to create spontaneous virtual parking zones.

Is Lime bike free for 10 minutes? ›

Reliability – Lime Prime members can reserve any Lime vehicle for up to 30 minutes at no cost, compared to just ten minutes for a standard user.

What does P mean on Lime? ›

The lime icons are bikes and the u-locks are designated parking areas.

Can two people ride lime bike? ›

Group Ride is a feature that allows one Lime user to unlock multiple scooters with their account. This allows riders to easily make scooter riding a group activity without tandem riding (one person per scooter, please!).

What time do Lime scooters turn off? ›

When do Lime and Bird scooters turn off? Technically, Bird and Lime scooters don't “turn off.” However, at 9 p.m., all scooters with non-low batteries — at least 90% charged — become “harvestable” (eligible for chargers to pick up).

How do you unlock a Lime scooter if accidentally locked? ›

Before you start your ride

Keep your phone open to ensure it connects with the lock. Wait for the unlocking instruction screen to appear. Tap once on the physical lock's button and wait for the light to turn blue. The cable pin next to the button will pop out.

How much does it cost to unlock a Lime scooter? ›

Both charge a $1 unlock fee. After that, Lime's per-minute rate is $. 30, while Bird's rate is $. 39 cents per minute.

What is the top speed of the Lime bike? ›

Q: Are there electric LimeBikes (Lime-E)?

The bike's top speed is 14.8 mph, and the average speed is 12 mph.

How much is a lime bike for 30 minutes? ›

The cost of each Lime Access rental option is as follows: Lime-S and Lime-E: 50 cents to unlock, 7 cents per minute. LimeBike: 5 cents for every 30 minutes.

Do Lime bikes come with helmets? ›

Yes, helmets will be provided with the bikes.

How do Lime bikes make money? ›

The way the company makes money is fairly straightforward: the user pays Lime to ride its vehicles, with the fee depending what the user chooses to ride. For example, a pedal bike costs $1 for 30 minutes, and the unlocking fee is included. Students, faculty and staff with a valid ".

How much is a lime bike a minute? ›

Lime's electric bikes and scooters typically cost $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute to ride. Manual pedal bikes are always the most cost-effective option, at $1 per half hour of use.

How much does it cost to hire Lime bike or scooter? ›

When the service launches, Lime bikes will be available to rent for between 15p and 20p per minute, including for one-way trips, with average journeys costing between £2.50 and £3.

Are Lime bikes waterproof? ›

The scooter's aluminium frame is now stronger and more weather-resistant for when scooters are left strewn on the sidewalk or out in the elements. In that case, the Lime 3 has IP67 waterproofing against rain or snow.

Why do lime bikes beep? ›

A LimeBike spokesperson told Business Insider that the reason for the message "is to deter theft and damage to the scooters" and that "theft and vandalism has occurred in less than 1% of our scooters across all markets, which we attribute to this audio alarm."

Can I use LimeBike without Internet? ›

Lime on Twitter: "@Furry_King_Woif You need to have internet while riding :) https://t.co/YguFG2JpeX" / Twitter.

Can police track stolen bike? ›

Report your bike stolen to the police

The local police have a good handle on the area and may be able to trace your bike within minutes. It's not uncommon for the police to spot the thief riding your bike. Once reported, the police will give you a crime reference number.

Why is bike theft so common? ›

It's so easy to get away with it

One major contributing factor to the increase in bike theft is that it's just so easy for criminals to get away with it. A bicycle's very nature makes it an easy target for theft: they are lightweight and simple to disassemble, making them easy to transport.

What do people do with stolen bikes? ›

As already mentioned, a person with stolen goods wants to get rid of them fast in exchange for cash. Pawnshops provide fast liquidity for thieves. So make sure to check out your local pawn shops. If there are neighborhood yard sales or flea markets, those are also places your bike could be sold for quick cash.

Should you leave your bike outside? ›

The bottom line: Leaving your bike outside for a day or two won't do major damage. You may see signs of rust after a week of neglect. After one month in bad conditions, your beloved bike parts will start to degrade.

How much room should you leave a bike? ›

Rule 139 of the Highway Code states “give cyclists at least as much room as you would a car when overtaking”. Rule 188 of the Highway Code states “When passing a cyclist give them plenty of room”. If they look over their shoulder while you are following them it could mean that they may soon attempt to turn right.

How much distance should you leave a bike? ›

And if you're going to overtake a rider ahead of you, make sure there's no motor vehicle coming up behind, move out early, pass them with as much space as possible and at least two metres,and don't pull back in sharply. So the take home messages are these: Leave way more than two metres between you and any rider ahead.

Can I store my electric bike outside? ›

Can I store my e-bike outside? There's no problem with storing your e-bike outside, but you should keep the battery indoors. Lithium batteries, in particular, rely on storage temperatures of 4c to 21c. If the temperature goes higher or lower, it could potentially damage the capacity of the battery.

Should I store my bike inside or outside? ›

Ideally, you want to store your bike indoors. However, if you live in an apartment or dormitory, you may have no other choice but to store your bike outside. If you MUST store your bicycle outside: Be sure it is locked in the most secure possible way.

What happens when you store your bike outside? ›

Store the bike outside – Allowing a bike to sit outside, even in a covered area such as a porch or an unheated garage, exposes it to moisture and this will accelerate rust of bolts, handlebars, chain, a steel frame and any steel components. Moisture will also dry out lubrication on the components and cables.

Is it OK to bike 3 hours? ›

Around 3 hours of cycling per week

This should be enough to enjoy the basic cardiovascular and metabolic benefits that aerobic exercise offers. This is good news for all cycling enthusiasts and even non-cyclists. Spending around 3 hours per week in the saddle is not that much even for someone new to cycling.

How do you store a bike outside without a shed? ›

Leaving your bike outside is a last resort as it invites rust and theft. Fit a wall or floor anchor, so you can secure your bike with big chain or D-lock. An eye-bolt type expander bolt will work okay, so long as the eye is big enough to fit your lock; take that to the hardware store with you.

Is Lime bike cheaper than Uber? ›

Lyft costs 15 to 29 cents per minute, Uber costs 15 to 30 cents, Lime costs 15 to 32, and Bird costs 15 to 39.

How much is a lime bike for 1 hour? ›

Lime-S and Lime-E: 50 cents to unlock, 7 cents per minute. LimeBike: 5 cents for every 30 minutes.

How many miles is a 1 hour bike ride? ›

Someone with reasonable fitness can cover around 12 to 15 miles per hour on a bike. A beginner can cover around 10 miles per hour – but if you factor in hills, wind-resistance and stopping at junctions or traffic lights – a more realistic figure might be around 8 miles per hour.

Is it OK to bike for 2 hours? ›

Keeping active has been shown to increase life expectancy, strengthen your body, decrease the risk of depression and provide other benefits. Cycling is a great way to keep moving and is often more fun than other activities. So if you can ride for two-hours, go for it.

Is 45 minutes a long bike ride? ›

A good average for a ten mile bike ride is between 45 minutes and an hour. If you're a beginner, it's more likely to be closer to the hour mark. Over time your average speed for each of your rides will increase and so the time it takes to cycle 10 miles will be reduced.


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